Thea Garrett


Thea Garrett winner of the Eurosong Malta

Thea Garrett emerged as a winner after both judges andvoting public gave her the full points. She is now going to represent Malta in Oslo in May. See all results below


Complete results

No.      Performer                                   
Thea Garrett
Glen Vella
Tiziana Calleja
Pamela Bezzina
Eleanor Spiteri 25
Wayne Micallef
Lawrence Gray
Ruth Portelli
Claudia Faniello
Dorothy Bezzina
Nadine Axisa & Clifford Galea
Pricilla & Kurt
Eleonor Cassar
Petra Zammit
Ryan Dale & Duminka
Audrey Marie Bartolo
Claire Galea
Foxy Federation
Silver Clash


Thea on Stage for 2nd rehearsal

Thea's performance on the second rehearsal was fantastic. This time Jes Sciberras was wearing huge white feathers. His performance was fantasitic too. She performed the song 3 times with the last one the voice was powerfull. anither rehearsal will be tomorrow.

Thea on stage for 1st rehearsal

This afternoon Thea was on stage for the 1st rehearsal. The background was blue and purple with clouds at the background with also stars and the moon. Jes Sciberras , a very professional singer was on stage to perform the choreography for the song My Dream written by Jason Cassar and Sunny Aquilina. With a very strong voice she performed the song several times. Reheasals for Thea will continue on Wednesday morning. 

The Final week

The final week for the Eurosong Festival started and the preperations are at full swing now.

Thea is prepering to give the public a wonderfull performance on the final night. I will

remind the public to vote for Thea maybe she will be heading to OSLO for the Eurovision

Song Contest. We all wish her good luck.

Malta Eurosong 2010: Heat 3 (2400 votes)- Source:

01. Thea Garrett - My Dream (Jason Paul Cassar / Sunny Aquilina) - 52.1% (1251 votes)

02. Eleanor Cassar - Choices (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan) - 40.2% (965 votes)

03. Tiziana Calleja - Words Are Not Enough (John Zammit / Paul Callus) - 5.3% (127 votes)

04. Francesca Borg - I Surrender (Dominic Cini / Mario J Caruana) - 1%  (25 votes)

05. Miriam - Beautiful Contradiction (Miriam Christine / Gerard James Borg) - 0.9% (21 votes)

06. Eleanor Spiteri - Velvet Ocean (Paul Abela / Joe Julian Farrugia) - 0.5% (11 votes)

This heat was a two horse race from the beginning because both Thea Garrett and Eleanor Cassar held the top spot switching places between them yet in the final day of voting, the runaway leader was Thea who managed to garner 286 votes more than the runner-up being Eleanor Cassar. Thanks for the overwhelming support this week, let's keep it up for next week as well.



The second phase of the Malta Eurosong 2010 - Source:

The second phase of the Malta Eurosong 2010 is set to take place in the Corinthia Palace Hotel in H'Attard like the first phase. Tomorrow is quite vital for the artists given the fact that the jury has an 80% weighing in the final share of votes whilst the public has only 20% to their name. According to our calculations, the second phase will be commencing at 14:00 CET and will follow the order in which they had sung originally.


  • Words are Not Enough - Tiziana Calleja
  • Fired Up - Foxy Federation
  • Beautiful Contradiction - Miriam Christine
  • Her Name Was Anne - Klinsmann
  • Samsara - Claudia Faniello
  • Fake - Jessica Muscat
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues - Mike Spiteri
  • If I knew - Cynthia Attard
  • Stories - Lawrence Gray
  • Three Little Words - Ruth Portelli
  • Here I Am - Raquela
  • Mirage - J.Anvil
  • Pizzicato - Aldo Busuttil
  • The Best Years - Godwin Lucas / Eve Daly
  • Once in a lifetime - Nadine Axisa / Clifford Galea
  • Who cares? - Josef Tabone
  • Broken - Silver Clash
  • I surrender - Francesca Borg
  • Save a life - Wayne Micallef
  • Ole Satschmo Blues - Claire Galea
  • Waterfall - Pricilla & Kurt
  • Euphoria - Baklava
  • Moments - Dorothy Bezzina
  • Change - Richard Edwards
  • All I need - Petra Zammit
  • Hypnotized - Rosman Pace
  • Velvet Ocean - Eleanor Spiteri
  • My dream - Thea Garrett
  • Curiosity - Ally
  • Hold On - Pamela Bezzina
  • Good Intentions - Audrey Marie Bartolo
  • Silver Rain - Roger Tirazona
  • Choices - Eleanor Cassar
  • Just a little more love - Glen Vella
  • One For You - Ryan Dale & Duminka
  • Grave Dancers - Dario Bezzina



Thea will be performin again during the Gigi D'Alessio World Tour

Thea will be back again in Milan concert on the 23/11/09 at the Mediolanum

Forum.More details soon.Find below details about the forum.



Mediolanum Forum di Assago (formerly known as Fila Forum,

Datch Forum and Forum di Assago) is an indoor sporting arena

in Assago, near Milan, Italy. It is primarily used for ice hockey,

basketball, and tennis. It is the home floor of the prominent

Italian professional basketball team Armani Jeans Milano.

Mediolanum Forum holds up to 12,000 people.



Final decision for the Gigi D'Alessio Talent Competition

After the second audition of last wednesday, finally the

news was given to Thea. She was asked to perform live in tonight's and

tomorrow's concert at the Palalottomatica in Rome.Well Done THEA.


 The Palalottomatica:

 It has a capacity of 11,000 spectators. The stadium

features 8 meetings points, a restaurant for 300

people and a 2′700 square meter (3229 sq. yards)

outdoor terrace. It is currently the home arena of the

Italian basketball team Lottomatica Roma and had also

hosted the 1991 European basketball championships and the 1997 FIBA

Euroleague Final Four.


The running order for the festival was held this morning - Source:


01. Dorothy Bezzina - Moments (Chan Vella / Alexia Schembri)

02. Foxy Federation - Fired Up (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

03. Lawrence Gray - Stories (Ray Agius / Godwin Sant)

04. Eleanor Spiteri - Velvet Ocean (Paul Abela / Joe Julian Farrugia)

05. Claudia Faniello - Samsara (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

06. Thea Garrett - My Dream (Jason Paul Cassar / Sunny Aquilina)

07. Priscilla & Kurt - Waterfall (Mark Debono / Rita Pace)

08. Nadine & Clifford - Once In A Lifetime (Mario Farrugia / Jason Paul Cassar)

09. Glen Vella - Just A Little More Love (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

10. Audrey Marie - Good Intentions (Rita Pace / Miriam Christine Warner)

11. Klinsmann - Her Name Was Anne (Jonathan Spiteri & Klinsmann Coleiro / Aldo Busuttil)

12. Claire Galea - Ole Satchmo Blues (Claire Galea / Erin Tanti)

13. Wayne Micallef - Save A Life (Wayne Micallef)

14. Petra - All I Need (Andrew Zammit / Keith Zammit)

15. Ryan Dale & Duminka - One 4 You (Ryan Dale / Jon Lukas)

16. Eleanor Cassar - Choices (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

17. Silverclash - Broken (Robert Parde)

18. Tiziana - Words Are Not Enough (John David Zammit / Paul Callus) 

19. Ruth Portelli - Three Little Words (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

20. Pamela - Hold On (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

The Malta Eurosong 2010 competition will be held on the 20th February 2010 within the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in the city of Ta' Qali which is located in the central part of the Maltese Islands. In the meantime, the show is set to be hosted by Newscaster Keith Demicoli along with female television personality Pauline Agius who is the sister of 2005 host Claire Agius. Owen Bonnici from the group Zoo will also be aiding them in their roles.

Next Wednesday at 17:00 CET, the Public Broadcasting Services will be hosting another meeting within the Broadcasting station. so that a contact is signed in order to agree with the terms and conditions. Each team has to nominate a person in order to take care of team affairs so that this "manager" will be available for all the meetings and events that the broadcaster will be hosting in the upcoming weeks. The showon the 20th February will be running for a total of three and a half hours starting as of nine o'clock in the evening.

The postcards for the national selection that will introduce each of the twenty entries will be based on the participants and the team behind the entries and therefore each will be more indepth. In the meantime, Peter Busuttil also noted that there should be another vacant weekend in the schedule of the artists because there will be another event which will be explained into more details in the future. At the moment, no finalists can accept any invitations to appear in any television shows accept those who are already starring in weekly television shows. The broadcaster is trying to organise a very structured and professional show as it has done in former years like every other year yet the budget has been increased to be able to bring about the best of the music industry along with the broadcaster.

It is important to note that the results of the second phase of the festival which featured a total of 36 entries shown through the weekly program L-"iSfida" were counted infront of a notary and a UKAM representative. All of these results will be released by the broadcaster after the Malta Eurosong 2010 ended completely meaning when the winner is chosen. The result of the final will be compiled by 50% International Jury and 50% Tele-Voting. For the final round of the competition, all telephony providers are being contacted in order to be a part of the festival. The Public Broadcasting Services will be keeping us updated about this fact within the coming weeks as a meeting is set to be held very soon. According to Dr.Clare Thake Vassallo, Chairperson of the Public Broadcasting Services, exposure is going to be the main idea behind this years' Eurosong so that all the singers will take a step forward within their career. Everyone has been wished the very best of luck by Head of Delegation Joe Dimech and may the best entry represent Malta to the maximum possible quality in Oslo, Norway within the Eurovision Song Contest.

Update: With regards to the Queries about the ticket details, the Public Broadcasting Services did not release any details but in reply to a question, it seems that they will be available within the next two weeks as we all know that the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre announced that they are out soon. Final details are currently being worked upon and as soon as they become available, will be the first to let you know. The coverage of the Malta Eurosong 2010 has only just begun so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


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